Our Products

Our new product range is plant based food in the form of

– Rice
– Noodles
– Fettuccine
The Konjac plant has been used for centuries in South East Asia and has been a vital part of their health due to the water soluble texture and the natural Glucocamum nutrient found in the plant that has significantly proven to aid with weight loss and the reduction of glucose levels in the blood. .

Our products are widely used amongst the cuisines of the Middle Eastern culinary dishes in the real form and due to the lifestyle and heat. The lack of movement and over indulgence of the delicious dishes have them storing the food in places where they shouldn’t be.

Our Promise to our clients

As a business, we are always looking out for the best interest within our customers needs, and therefore understand that we need to provide the best available pricing on the market.

We at Nutri Kitch pride ourselves in having a high standard of quality of our products and the amazing pricing that we offer, that both work together cohesively to ensure that we offer one great service for our clients.

“We are very excited for this product to reach Qatar, it is life changing for many and fits in with the local cuisine and culture. Very happy indeed.”

Sheikh Mohammed Nasser

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